Erini Yoga & Wellness, Ltd.


Wellness, Lifestyle & Health Coaching

One-on-One or Group Coaching

My personal journey and transformation took years. I tried every diet plan available, joined gyms, hired personal trainers, dabbled in meditation, and tried a number of stress reducing techniques, explored career counseling and took a variety of assessments to help me determine why I was not thriving at work. All of those tools and resources were valuable, had merit, and worked - to some extent. However, nothing ever "stuck" because I was never consistent in my habits. Inevitably, I fell back into unhealthy habits time and time again. When I began working with a coach, I finally addressed the behaviors that were sabotaging my wellbeing and holding me back from living my best life.  

As a coach, I assist clients in connecting the dots between who they are and who they want to be. I provide accountability and support to clients as they undertake the incremental behavioral steps that enable them to make lasting changes.  

Presentations & Training

Lunch and learn, training & presentations 

I offer single session training, presentations, and lunch and learn seminars to organizations, community groups, and professional associations on a variety of wellness topics. Presentations are informative, practical, and interactive and can be tailored to your specific needs. I offer sessions on chair yoga, breath work, mindfulness and meditation, goal setting, positive psychology, growth mindset, and employee wellness. 

Ongoing or multi-session trainings are also available upon request.

Yoga Instruction

Private, Special Events, Groups, Schools, Corporate Yoga

I provide you with a personalized yoga lesson, specifically designed for your needs whether that's in the comfort of your home, school, community, or business. Each session will include a guided practice, practice in breathing techniques, and in mindfulness. No experience is necessary. All equipment provided.