Erini Yoga & Wellness, Ltd.


My Wellness Journey 

I took my first yoga class in 2011 and I have never looked back. At the time, I was extremely overweight, dealing with anxiety and depression, and experiencing high levels of stress in my career as a high school administrator. I was searching for an activity that was both physically and mentally challenging and I found that through yoga. Through my yoga practice I developed patience, built physical and mental strength, learned how to use my breath to manage my stress, became more mindful in my daily life, and cultivated compassion for myself. I can honestly say that yoga saved my life. Not only did it start me on a path of healthy and mindful living, it healed me from the inside out by learning to find acceptance and peace in my life.

I began working with a health & wellness coach in 2014 to help me get to the root of why I could not consistently incorporate healthy habits into my life. I had mild success on my own over the years with losing weight and managing my stress. Inevitably, however, I always gained my weight back and I never really understood how all the pieces of my wellbeing fit together. Once I started working with a trained professional in the wellness industry, I finally made the lasting lifestyle changes that have led me to live a life where I now thrive instead of survive.

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Professional Experience

My professional career experiences include working in the banking, non-profit, and the education sectors. I have experience working with teenagers, young adults, adults, senior citizens, community groups, and for profit and non-profit professionals.  

I earned my undergraduate degree in finance from Loyola University Chicago. I also hold a Master of Arts degree in Secondary Education and have a professional certification and license in educational leadership and administration from Roosevelt University. My varied professional skills, expertise, and experience allow me to bring a unique perspective and approach to working with clients so that I can differentiate instruction and coaching based on each client's needs.

My coaching work is done over a period of time so that clients learn how to make lasting behavioral changes that are sustainable and realistic. I work with private clients individually, in group coaching class settings, both virtually online and in person.

I instruct group yoga classes, pop-up and special event yoga classes, private 1:1 yoga, and provide team yoga lessons for high school athletes.